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Utilize All Network Assets with AssureNRM

It is estimated that 20-30% of telecom service providers' network assets are misclassified as being unavailable. The result is inefficiency and unnecessary capital investments. To reduce costs telecom providers need to build one integrated, unified and automated OSS system that supports all processes regardless of the product or service.

Supported by an industry-standard Oracle database, AssureNRM comes ready with data import tools to minimize migration costs and reduce errors. With a user interface familiar to any Windows user, graphical information such as maps, engineering plans, schematics, and digital photos can be integrated with verified inventory data. AssureNRM models are hierarchical and fit the structure of ISP devices perfectly.


  • Serves as a repository of common equipment and customer assignable resources
  • Manages the assignment and status of customer circuits and bandwidth
  • Supports multi-vendor networks for any transmission media and networking system
  • Maintains detailed equipment inventory information about network locations, from central offices to customer premises
  • Integrates with Spatial E-Suite applications to give a consolidated view of both outside plant and central office equipment resources


  • Provide a complete inventory of central office equipment throughout the enterprise
  • Share of up-to-date and accurate information concerning the allocation of network resources to individual customers
  • Track both physical and logical assets in a single system, reducing the number of OSS components needed to model the network
  • Improve response times for delivery of transmission services to end users
  • Reduce costs and increase network capacity by recapturing stranded assets


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