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Combine Marketing, Engineering, Operations & Customer Service Data

One of the biggest issues facing businesses today is making sense of the vast amounts of raw data collected by their internal systems. While the ease with which data can be collected and stored offers tremendous opportunities to gain insights about customer needs and market trends, organizing and correlating all of that data is becoming more and more challenging. Busi­nesses need tools that can turn data into knowledge that can be used to streamline operating procedures and improve products and services offered to their customers.


Designed specifically to overcome the shortcomings of traditional database management tools, SpatialNAVIGATOR aggregates data from multiple sources into a single, graphical view. This capability allows you to leverage information contained in all of your company’s databases and to combine the insights provided by marketing, engineering, operations and customer service data sources.

SpatialNAVIGATOR Dispatch

The SpatialNAVIGATOR Dispatch module provides a flexible but simple interface for viewing and managing the workload of field personnel. Assignment of personnel to tasks is accomplished by maintaining two dynamic lists: one for the available technicians, and the other the activity to be scheduled and completed for the day. The spatial attributes of both the field people and the unassigned tasks allow the resource allocation problem to be viewed in a map-based context.

Field Force Automation

To be productive in the field, installation and repair technicians must have quick and convenient access to information in the central database. To meet this need, SpatialNAVIGATOR offers a Field Force Automation (FFA) module providing support for facility locate services, vehicle tracking, and service order and trouble ticket information. Customers using FFA have experienced significant improvements in the productivity of field technicians.

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